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CBD Gummies & Edibles

What are CBD Gummies & Edibles?

Since our childhood, Gummies and chewable are our favorites, now imagine you are consuming CBD for stress relief and other issues. Moreover, you are getting it along with your favorite consumables.

CBD, along with gummies and edibles are never before combination, you get your taste and happiness and slowly releasing CBD, start relaxing and soothing effect on your body. Even though it contains CBD, but it is THC free which does not make psychoactive or feel you high.

Benefits of CBD Gummies & Edibles

1) Other products in our store have a fast-reacting effect, but when you consume gummies, you get slow and lasting CBD effect.

2) No need of any other mixing combination as it is already power-packed with your favorite flavor.

3) You can directly use our edibles as your meal dish along with bread.

Our CBD Gummies & Edibles Products

1) CBD Chews – Almost around 10-30mg of purest CBD mixed along with great taste gives you fun as well as makes you stress & pain-free.

2) CBD Dark Chocolate – This is nothing but the dessert for chocolate lovers they are getting 5-10mg of CBD along with their favorite dark chocolate.

3) CBD Gummies – Enjoy 100% THC free CBD along with selected dosage and flavor. Treatment cannot be better than this.

4) CBD Milk Chocolate – This is another treating treat for the mild and sweet chocolate lover, enjoy your CBD treatment with a divine taste.

5) CBD VitaGummies Vitamin C – Now you can cover your vitamin C deficiency required for immune power along with the benefits of pure CBD.

6) CBD VitaGummies Multivitamin – Add both all vitamins and CBD into your routine together with our Multivitamin Gummies.

7) CBD VitaGummies Melatonin – Now sleeplessness is not the issue anymore as we brought you the fantastic combination of CBD VitaGummies and Melatonin.

8) CBD Lollipop (Sugar-Free) – Feel like a kid without disturbing your diet and yet experience nostalgic happiness with our CBD lollipop.

9) Nano-CBD Gummies – CBD gummies are now in 12 different flavors with a proper percentage of CBD dosage.

10) Nano-CBD Melatonin Syrup – Treat your sleep issue and insomnia along with the benefits of CBD with our Melatonin CBD syrup.

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